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New Project Questionnaire

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Business Information
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How long you've been in business, what specifically you do, etc.
What is the purpose of your website?
Who is your target audience or demographic?
Project Information
Project Description
Do you need a new website, a completely new design or just some graphics? Do you need a custom developed solution? Please tell us all the web services you're looking for and any specific needs you have.
Ballpark, leave blank, or give us an exact number. Any information is good.
What is the urgency of this project? Please provide your desired completion date and are there any interim due dates to consider?
Content Management System
Will you require a Content Management System (CMS)?
Our CMS allows you to easily manage your website's content through a dashboard. You do not need to have any coding/programming experience to maintain your website.
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Shopping Cart
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Do you want to process credit card orders real time or manually?
If you want to process credit card orders real time, please tell us which company processes your merchant account:
Do you want to process orders by email only, (i.e., no shopping cart)? (This would apply only if you have a very few items).   Yes  No  Possibly
If applicable, what is your company's primary or premier product/service?
If applicable, approximately how many different products/services would you like to offer on your site? 1-10  10-20  20-50 
100-500   500-1,000
1,000-5,000  5,000+


Design Cues
What type of ambience or "personality" would you like your website to project?

Fun Classy Modern
Professional Casual Earthy
Eclectic  Contemporary
Ethnic Bold High Tech
Please feel free to use your own adjectives.
Please list 3-5 websites you find attractive.
Please also put into words what you like about them.
Please list the web address of any competitor's websites.
Website Content
Do you currently have a company logo?   Yes No
If yes, in what format can you provide us with your logo?  jpg gif camera-ready art


Do you have certain colors associated with your company (logo)? If so, please list them here in order of priority:
How many photos or graphical elements do you estimate that you would like on your website?

Do you have them in digital format (gif/jpg) or would you require us to scan in the images and convert to a digital format?

What will your site's main navigation links be (i.e. About us, Services, Company Info, Contact Us, etc.).
What forms, if any, would you like to have on your site (info request, contact us, sign in etc.)?
Please provide the 10-25 keywords and phrases to assist in generating meta tags (including misspellings):

Domain Name & Hosting
Is your domain name currently registered? Yes  No
If so, please list the domain name(s) here:
If not, would you require Net Buffalo to process the registration of your domain?

List possible Domain name choices:

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Would you like us to host your website? Yes  No Possibly
Other Information
How did you find Net Buffalo? Referral Internet Search Other
If you were referred, please tell us who referred you? If you selected other, please explain.
Did we miss anything?
Please feel free to add your own comments. If you're more comfortable chatting about this over the phone, feel free to call us!

"We are thrilled with the website Net Buffalo created for us, as well as the support we receive through the buffalo package. Billy is just awesome to work with, always right on any issues, and a fantastic person to boot. I highly recommend Net Buffalo!"

- Judes Kingsbury, Xpressfill - Bottle Fillng Machines, San Luis Obispo CA


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