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Website Hosting

Thank you for making Net Buffalo the #1 Hosting Company in San Luis Obispo County.

Website Hosting
Website hosting is the place where your website files are actually stored. It's where your business or personal website can be seen by others, and updated by either you or Net Buffalo. With web hosting, your website becomes available to the Internet, whether you want to share it with friends or family, or customers and clients.

Most businesses today, from the largest to the smallest, have an online presence. In this "information age", more and more people are turning to the world wide web to find the things that they need or want. And even if you don’t want to sell products or services on the Internet, it’s still a great idea to advertise them online. When your business is ready to make the leap to the Internet you can count on Net Buffalo. Our web hosting service starts by establishing your online name and website presence. Continuing to completion, Net Buffalo provides the service needed to keep your website updated with the changes you may need for your website to stay fresh and/or competitive!

Why Not Use Free Website Hosting Services?
Something to consider with free web hosting service is that you will almost always have to include the name of your hosting company in your website address. For example, if you want your website to be named “Joe’s Spot,” and your Internet service provider’s name is “ACME,” then the URL of your website will most likely be “www.ACME/Joe’s Spot.” This can be confusing to people who are searching for a business in San Luis Obispo. Another consideration is allotted web space. Free services limit your storage, typically providing you with just enough storage space for a personal website. To contrast, Net Buffalo has several hosting packages available for the smallest one page website to the largest storage needs. Finally, if you make a website using your Internet service provider or some other free service, you will also more than likely have to make your own updates and provide your own quality assurance. Basically, you get what you pay for.

Contact us for a complete breakdown of our web hosting services!


"We did it...the new California Hardscapes website is loaded and live! Check it out folks. Big thanks to Mark and the Net Buffalo SLO team for staying on time and on budget! You and your team did a great job and I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future.
I highly recommend you to any of my people."

Jerry Williams, Owner,
California Hardscapes,
Granite Bay, CA



"The guys at Net Buffalo are great listeners, attentive problem-solvers, and created an excellent customized website that matched my business needs. I recommend Net Buffalo highly! Looking forward to future projects with them!"

- Dawna Davies, Davies Real Estate Company; San Luis Obispo CA


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